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 an online landing pad for virtual movement classes of all kinds. Entries to the site are submitted externally, so if you have a virtual class you’d like to share, post it here! If you’re visiting to find a class to take, you can search the site calendar by movement form, day/time, posting organization or teacher, or movement level. Posting and searching the site are free. This site will help you plan virtual movement experiences into your busy schedule, or perhaps provide a resource for your students seeking online movement practices, or maybe help attract movers to your live-streamed class offering.


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Benefits of Dance

Movement is inherently something we are born seeking. Bodies are born to move! The body’s systems benefit from movement and we grow cognitively through learning new skills and new ways of existing within our bodies and through movement. Movement and the connection to our somatic understanding of self allow us different ways of experiencing the world, our cultures, other cultures, ourselves, our physical and psychological patterns, our emotions, and our interactions with each other.

Dance and movement provide us with powerful learning tools, pathways to development of new skills, deeper understanding of the bodies we live in, our own strengths and limitations, and basic enjoyment of life. As we seek to do more than exist, movement practices offer us the opportunity to grow, express, mourn, heal, feel alive, create, and be more fully developed beings with the capacity to incite change in ourselves and our world. As we find ourselves in a new evolution of what dance may look like in our current world, we know that we are all still moving ever forward!